Thursday, July 8, 2010

Old Edwards Inn, Highlands, NC

Just returned from a quick three-day jaunt to a great inn in the mountains of North Carolina called the Old Edwards Inn ( Great little spot, though very tough to get to, in a quaint mountain town!

The hotel has two parts, really - the Lodge and the Inn. We stayed at the Inn which is the main building, with reception. Each room has a name, and ours was the Berkshire. The other main building, shown below, is the Lodge, complete with a huge patio with rocking chairs which lead out to a croquet court.

Here are some shots of the Inn and grounds itself. They did a great job of winding the landscaping into the structures!

I loved walking through the library and lounge (full bar) throughout our stay, watching people sip cocktails and just relax.

The spa at the Inn was recently named the #1 spa in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler. We sampled the massages and they were great. Hard to say if they are worth the steep prices, but the waiting room and facilities were wonderful. Check out the hallway leading up to the waiting room - hardly looks like a spa at all! Featuring black walls, it was an interesting touch but somehow, it all worked.

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  1. stayed at the High Hampton Inn once. Very similar. Nice place that reminded me of a time when vacations were truly relaxing.