Monday, July 12, 2010

Antique Canopy Beds

Not sure I would go for one myself, but these antique canopy beds are very impressive. Hard to imagine sleeping in one of these. Certainly not practical, and most of them are pretty costly.

Many antique beds were built right into (and were part of) room paneling (called "boiserie"), and as a result, not that many genuine antique beds survive to this day. Further, antique beds were not built to our modern standard sizes (e.g., Eastern King, Cal King, Queen, etc.)--and very few people want to do custom matresses and linens.

Some key terms:

Lit (pronounced "lee"): the word for bed in French

Lit à Colonnes (pronounced "ah coh LUN"): a four poster bed with a full canopy. Here's an example of an English Jacobean lit à colonnes.

Here is an antique Javanese bed in solid teak. This can actually be used indoors or outdoors. How cool would this be to have outside?

Now check out one you can actually purchase - this is from Horchow (the motherload). A mere $19,000! Dates to 1900 from China.


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  3. One problem a lot of people face with an antique bed is that it may not have been built to today's mattress sizing standards. Fortunately, foam mattresses can be cut to virtually any size, giving new life to these pieces of furniture that are also pieces of art.