Monday, June 21, 2010

Compton Heights, St. Louis

The Compton Heights neighborhood is located in the south city portion of St. Louis city. The neighborhood is one of the earliest planned residential developments of the American nineteenth century. The neighborhood plan was laid out in 1889 with a view that nature should be incorporated into the architecture. The neighborhood boasts more than 200 homes and is a national historic district.

I am always looking at the homes for sale in Compton Heights, not because we’re really going to move there, but I love the idea that a house this spectacular can run you less than a million (the homes here run about $800K and are on the market right now)!

Unfortunately, the surrounding areas are not desirable in some aspects, which deters people with young kids from living in this otherwise remarkable neighborhood.

Enjoy - except for the second picture. Why is there a dog sprawled out all over the rug? Is that dog dead???

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