Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY Project - Bookcovers

I was tired of the crazy look that a mismatched bunch of books gave in my guest bedroom, which has built-in bookshelves. I tried to dress it up with additional decor, but then realized it was the books that needed a makeover.

For this project, I bought plain, unbleached cotton fabric from Jo-Anns at $2 a yard. You will use a lot if you have a lot of books, so while linen sounds lovely, consider your budget! Then I just cut the fabric to match each book, and glued in the insides.

For a little extra touch, I did a Citra-Solv transfer of images (from The Graphics Fairy, onto the front of some of the books. I just picked some of my favorites!

I don't have a before picture for this, but trust me, it's an improvement!


  1. WOW! This look terrific, but it must have taken forever! I admire your perseverance!
    Queen Bee Studio

  2. so cute! Just found you thru Graphics are so talented! Love your grainsack chair too!