Friday, June 18, 2010

Master Bedroom Built-Ins

I don't have a ton of storage in our master bedroom, even though there are two closets and well-organized, they are small. So, I love the idea of doing built-ins in the bedroom. Most people think about built-ins in the kitchen obviously, or in the living room with books, but why not in the bedroom for additional closet space instead of a mass of dressers?

Here are some images of great built-ins in bedrooms. I'm planning on doing something similar when I have ten grand to spare, of course. I love the idea of having the TV incorporated, either a flat screen or behind doors like an armoire.

These are obviously kitchen built-ins, but I love the chicken wire over them and the bench inbetween!

If you're on a budget, these look simpler without any doors but still capture the concept.

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  1. Love the idea of built ins! I live in NYC where the apts are usually really tiny with small closets and scream out for storage options. I found a really great DIY project that create great built-ins. Check it out here

    Haven't tried it yet but soon!